Welcome to a Medically Endorsed Functional Approach to Complete Metabolic Health!

It’s long been reported by researchers that it takes approximately 21 days for a person to make or break a new habit. At GetFit21 we embrace this theory because we witness impressive results every 21 days!

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If you are passionate about health and pursuing the direction of serving others, GetFit21 is a unique concept for leveraging the knowledge and skills you have.
The diversity of the GetFit21 program can broaden your reach, enabling you to cast a wider net for obtaining clients helping many people accomplish successful outcomes.
If a client is looking to lose weight or struggling with diabetes or needing to lower cholesterol or improve gut health or to simply integrate healthier habits, GetFit21 will provide a simple roadmap to achieve their objective.
The content is uncomplicated and powerfully adaptive without confusing scientific theories or dieting modalities.


A 21 day content-rich curriculum liberates you from having to spend time and energy developing your own program, yet welcomes you to easily customize it to reflect your own voice!
An invigorating curriculum utilizing a core foundation of mindset principles, health and life coaching, group dynamics and synergistic supplementation.
We inspire optimism and confidence. Participants are awakened to their own ability to improve habits, health, body composition and ultimately their lives.
Partnered for 3 decades with the world leader in metabolic health, using our medically endorsed curriculum, holistic nutrition and exercise, along with interactive daily coaching, we have helped over 35,000 people.
Emphasizing daily engagement and participation via our private social media, clients stay involved and motivated.
GetFit21 inspires a sense of community. In a group environment, success is contagious and sharing daily “wins" helps solidify new habits.

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Clients quickly see marked improvements in their metabolic health and weight while becoming open to new food choices. Coaches are encouraged to integrate aspects of their own area of expertise and experience.


Coaches inspire participants to discover the movements they enjoy even if they’ve never stepped foot in a gym!


Coaches appreciate how the science-based and medically endorsed supplements work synergistically with the coaching and add an advantage, increasing the client results throughout their curriculum.


Coaches create a break-through awareness for clients understanding the power of their mindset, crucial to achieve and maintain a vibrant lifestyle.