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Our Mission

At GetFit 21 we're all about empowering you to help others live their best life possible. We provide you the tools to be effective, confident and inspiring. We don't coach a quick fix or unproven strategies. Our Coaches are proud to be teaching sensible lifelong skills.

Our Process

Get Acquainted

Explore the Curriculum. Have an In depth conversation with the coach introducing GetFit 21 to You.

Get Trained

Enjoy our coach training while observing or participating in a live GetFit 21 challenge and benefit from one on one mentoring from experienced coaches.

Get Started

We will help you design a personal strategy based on your goals and objectives and guide you every step of the way.

Who Endorses GetFit 21?

  • Physicians from multiple specialties, nurses, functional medicine doctors, personal trainers, athletes, life / health coaches, dietitians, diabetes educators and therapists representing many categories of health.
  • Over 20,000 participants worldwide who’ve participated in our “Challenges” and lost weight, improved strength, increased energy and now enjoy a healthy life with balance.
“I currently have hundreds of patients experiencing dramatic improvements in their glucose, cholesterol, and weight loss with the medical nutrition supplements offered with GetFit21. This program is a simple educational tool that has proven effective in improving patient lifestyle choices, and in many cases, reducing their need for prescription medication. “
Beauty Swe, M.D.
Internal Medicine
“As a Certified Diabetes Educator, being able to stabilize glucose, lipids and weight with the metabolic health supplements recommended through this program. I highly endorse GetFit21. It is a gift for anyone looking to be in the best health and shape of their life.”
Judy Gilman, NP-R, RN, CDE
Registered Nurse / Certified Diabetes Educator
“I have witnessed hundreds of patients improving their glucose and cholesterol levels over the years utilizing the nutritional supplement BALANCE along with healthy lifestyle education. I am so grateful for this solution addressing Metabolic Syndrome.”
Annie Varughese, M.D. FACC
Interventional Cardiology
“I personally consume the COMPLETE and BALANCE recommended through the GetFit21 Program. I have recommended the BALANCE to hundreds of patients throughout the years. Improvements in blood sugar, weight loss and cholesterol create less dependency on prescription medications. I am continuously impressed with the results of the GetFit21 program."
Stephen E. Bloom, MD
Family Medicine
“I recommend GetFit21 to my patients to achieve sustainable health benefits from their improved nutrition, increased physical activity and weight loss. These benefits translate into more energy and less dependence on Prescription Medication.”
Umesh A. Patel, M.D. FACC
Diagnostic Cardiology / Preventive Cardiology

What are my Responsibilities as a Coach and What do my Clients Receive?

  • Coaches provide our pre-authored engaging content throughout the 21 days via our private social media platforms, APP or any platform of your choice.
  • You will be able to share educational, downloadable resources as an adjunct to the curriculum content.
  • Your clients will receive a GetFit 21 Welcome Booklet along with beautifully designed guidebooks focused on metabolic nutrition and low glycemic education. They also receive recipe guides, in depth diabetes information, and an assortment of body-weight exercise manuals. Along with the educational components, clients enjoy a 30-day supply of a delicious high protein/high fiber blend designed with all the major nutrients necessary for optimal satiety and proper metabolic flexibility. (Available in Whey, Vegan, and Base formulas). Click Here to See Guidebook Topics
  • Clients are provided daily audio and automated email PDF lessons to help visual and audio learners to grasp the content in a way they learn best.
  • You can provide access to physician endorsed non pharmaceutical solutions to help support a variety of common metabolic imbalances and inflammatory conditions to help reduce the need for prescription medications.
  • Additionally, you will be shown how to effectively integrate GetFit 21’s curriculum with your professional goals. If you have your own wellness practice, GetFit 21 can enhance your offerings to your local and nationwide community. For a brand new coach, GetFit21 can become the launching pad for a rewarding business. Our coaches appreciate the development of a deep bond and rapport from the 21 day continuous connection with their clients.


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