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World Class UBT Business Training Program

The UBT went over and beyond my expectations. I am definitely
in the right place.This is really helping me get out of my comfort zone. I am
so excited to start my path in entrepreneurship. We truly have some amazing
coaches and mentors. Thank you so much for all you do.

Tiwana Mack

You know I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was everything I needed and more. I have never been through anything like this so it was really rewarding to hear all the stories and strategies everyone else has. I appreciate everyone’s input and it helped me come out of a hole from my business planning. I am excited to be in this group. You all have so many different things to offer and bring honesty to the table and I love that! Thank you so much Barb & Jan you guys are Rockstars!
Demi Barnes

I didn't have any expectations cuz I knew the connection was divinely orchestrated and I super trust my connection with Barb and Jan. If I did have any expectations it has totally superseded. I gained so much from this training. I loved the way that the class orchestrated learning about the products the benefits and the facts. That was super helpful. Everyone's energy in the group was just so much love and support. I am grateful for this journey.
Theresa Johnson

The structure of UBT training was so well defined. Each of the sessions did not only insightful but also very engaging. This training helped me to give thought to some of the most important things that are required while interacting with someone. It showed me the most brilliant ways to approach a client, and helped me modify my thought process! I'd recommend it to every single coach out there.
Akansha Laddha

UBT was a training course that filled in the gaps. I knew health and how to coach a client, but I wasn’t very confident in reaching out to others to let them know what I could offer them. UBT taught me that it’s NOT a “sales process” but rather a relationship building process. It’s Not a sale I’m after. It’s a SERVICE I’m providing to help people learn how to live a healthier and happier life!
Michelle Dallacheisa

UBT confirmed for me that I don’t have to be a salesperson, and that I can help people better themselves with the right tools and support behind me!
Nikki Sacco

UBT confirmed for me that I was on the right track with how I was communicating with potential clients. I wanted to be sure that I didn't sound like a pushy salesperson. Meeting with fellow partners and mentors gave me insight and inspiration for my business. I gained confidence in my rebuttals and realized I'd always have business support from a solid team. Our shared success gives me hope and optimism for the future.
Juanita Hales

I am very happy with how the UBT was facilitated. I enjoyed the course immensely and I was so grateful to cross-paths with like minded women eager to support and aid others to be their best. A lot of new things regarding being an entrepreneur and thriving in the coaching business was a key part of the curriculum and I needed to hear that information. All and all, I value the course so much and can't stop reading the material. I am so looking forward to my very bright future as an Inspiring coach and Unicity business partner.
Kendraya Richards

The Struggle for Most People in the Health and Fitness Field is the Confidence and Ability to Believe they Can be Successful and Develop a Business.

GetFit21 Certified Coaches Receive an In Depth Business Training Course 

Our Business Training Curriculum Focuses on These Topics:

  • Learn how to generate and cultivate new and recurring leads
  • Master the process of consistent enrollments
  • Creating your direction in achieving your business vision
  • Become effective at communicating effectively with prospects and clients
  • Become educated to proven business practices created by CEO Stewart Hughes
  • Increased confidence as a business owner in the healthcare field
  • Skills to grow and manage your business
  • Ability to communicate in a way to inspire others to take action

A Big Mission Needs Great People …. Join us

  • Enjoy your next scheduled conversation, using this time to get all your questions answered about coaching GetFit 21 locally or remotely.
  • Feeling great about the program, enroll as a coach to become eligible for your GetFit 21 Certification. A nominal fee of $40 is the certification fee which also includes providing you a personal business account that enables you to enroll your clients while the corporate office handles all of your billing, inventory, shipping and record keeping.
  • Based on the specific goals and health needs of each individual you are coaching, you are given exclusive professional pricing access to anything you choose to recommend.
  • Coaches prefer to personally and professionally educate themselves first by sampling product and observing the program. This provides the confidence to feel knowledgeable in making authentic recommendations.
  • Based on your budget, how you get started, is your choice.
  • For frame of reference, your product orientation can be as little as $56 or if your budget allows, educate yourself by obtaining any or all of the five primary products that coordinate with the curriculum. If you choose to start with them all, your certification fee of $40 will be waived.
  • You can complete the Online Coach Certification at anytime. It can be postponed until you have been trained and feel confident to coach the program.
  • Set up a strategy appointment for initial training and a mentor session to launch your GetFit 21 business.
  • Your final step… define and do whatever “feels right" for you.
            Come be part of Our Mission to “Make Life Better".